My portfolio of designs and websites I have worked on. More projects to be added as they are completed.

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Personal Tribute Page

This is a tribute page project I did as part of a freeCodeCamp certification using responsive web design techniques. 

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Beacon Lift Services Project

This is a 10 page website I recently completed for my friend's medical supply company.

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Code Doctors Landing Page

This landing page was done as part of my freeCodeCamp certification in responsive web design.

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Technical Documentation Page

This is a technical documentation page I built for HTML5. It features a navigation that changes size and orientation depending on the device you are using. It was also part of my freeCodeCamp certification.

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Pacific Union Church Website

This 10 page website included many different techniques and features a database of many years worth of audio files. I also maintained the site for many years.

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Signal Five Landing Page

This landing page is for a social media application a friend and I are working on. It also utilizes responsive web design. Be on the lookout for more information as to when the app will be launched.