Hello! I am Mike Maitoza. I am a front end developer. I have a passion for pixel perfect, minimal and easy to use interfaces.

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Special Skills

Web Design

I create designs using specialized software and coding technique to bring you the best possible page, website, or solution. Along with today's software, I bring to the table 14 years of web design experience.   

Better Web Development

Better web development by using today's best tools and research. Always giving 100%  you can know I will take the time and effort to make your project stand out. Design, Development, and Desire make it pixel perfect. 

Customer Service

With years of experience I understand the need for reliable customer service and maintenance. Every website or design will give you peace of mind that I am here to help you achieve your goals. Satisfaction is a priority.

Want to build a Website?

Whether you want to build a landing page or a full sized site, I have the ability to make it happen for you. Not only do I design, but I put your designs to life. I also research the latest trends and best practices so you can rest assured your site will stand out . Your project will come out great. Want to know more? Hit the Get in Touch button above and contact me. No project is too small. Take a look and see for yourself.